Grace and Peace Beloved Pastors and Leaders! We must deal with the issues before us there are too many wounded souls and Leaders in the Kingdom of God and for some us we ignore them and there right before our eyes. Every Pastor needs to pay closer attention to the needs of people God has entrusted to them. Rather it be Sheep or Leadership. Now hear me it's not all on the Pastors if the sheep or Leaders chose to have so much pride that they don't ask for help, but there's a great percentage that are so bound that they don't even know they need help until it's too late.? Please I urge you to know your sheep / Leaders observe them ask questions if you see something off pay attention to the signs.

It 's time for us to deal with these issues close up and personal ... Some Pastors don't believe in Deliverance or Healing but if your preaching the Gospel and you believe what your preaching then these signs should follow them that believe .. Healing , Deliverance, and much more ... Too many church's are full of wounded people and we just preach right over them... and those that will deal with real life matters are critiqued and mocked for there stance !! Wake up Church Demonic Influence is on a all time Rise..!! The Spirit of Religion can't Fix this..shouting jumping and dancing never caused a Demon to come out.., don't be fooled!! The Five Fold Ministry must start Equipping their Leaders ,too many Titles and not enough Functions..,!! We have to Get Up..!! We've got to Get it in this season...!!! Luke 9 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, 2 and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick. We know these where the 12 Apostles.

Apostle raise up there Sons and daughter to do even greater , never be intimidate by those whom God has entrusted to you to train up!!

Please Get Connected where you need to be in this season !! And Let them Go when it there Time Please and don't curse them Bless Them!!! There's No Such Thing as Stealing Sheep They never Belong to You!! There His Sheep and only Lent to us..!!! There's a lot of issues we won't discuss ,Listen Just because we ignore them doesn't make them go away !! Let me pray..Father in the name of Jesus cause our awareness to increase , give us greater discernment for those you have entrusted to us and let us not be so consumed by so many distractions and hype. Cause our spiritual ears and eyes to open to the depth of your Spirit. Cause us to deal with conflicts that arise and not ignore them, give us more of your wisdom knowledge and understanding . Take us deeper in this season let discern the times.. . I want to release a special prayer of strength and tenacity upon leaders today in the mighty name of Jesus. Let us be able to discern those who have been assigned to us and not others and let's not be too focus on what we want for them verses what God has for them. Let's work together in a spirit of harmony to set the captives free ..Cause us to get what we need and draw from the diversities of gifting's from Co-Labors in the Kingdom. Don't be prideful or ignorant if you need Help Ask For It! There is no Shame in not knowing it's shameful when you don't know and won't get help because of PRIDE! We're suppose to have One Purpose and That's He's Purpose! If God allows them to be under your guidance then you must do what Jesus would do take Authority ! Let's Deal with the issues at hand!! Homosexuality , Lust, Lying Divination , Molestation, Incest , Generational Curses, witchcraft , rejection , abandonment , Fear , Idolism, The Spirit of Tradition of Men😖😖😖 Deception and all of the above ! There's no need to talk about them if your not going to at least try and help them. Sheep have to be in the right environment ..that will be conducive for their productivity! Leaders don't stagnant them please!!

In Him, Apostle Valerie Jackson